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"Chasseur" superior quality enameled cast-iron cookware is manufactured at the Invicta foundry, which has been established for over 70 years at Donchery in northern France. Being on the edge of the Champagne region, "Chasseur" comes from the very heart of the gastronomic world.
Enamel Cast-Iron Pan and Cast-Iron Grill
Enamel cast-iron products have stood the test of time. The fusion of enamel, or melted glass powder, with the cast-iron creates a strong seal that prevents corrosion. The cast-iron line is ideal for slow braising and simmering due to its ability to retain and distribute heat evenly.
Cast-iron cookware is very fuel-efficient because it retains heat well. When cooking you can reduce the heat and even turn it off for a few minutes and it will continue to cook.
Before using wash thoroughly in hot water with soap. Pre-heat cooking oil in frying pans on a moderate setting before adding food. Allow food to seal before reducing heat and then turn or stir to avoid sticking. Excessive heat causes food to stick. The cast-iron grills should be seasoned before using.
After usage, all items must be cleaned with hot water and soap using a brush or a pad. Allow burned food to soak in hot water for a while to facilitate easy removal. Do not use abrasive cleaning materials, as this will damage the high gloss enamel. Cast-iron pans may break or chip if mishandled. All items without wooden handles are dishwasher safe.
Technical Features
The "Chasseur" cookware line has been enameled twice. First there is the black enamel, which you can see on the rims or base. It seals all the edges, protects against corrosion and is a primer for the color. The second layer adds durability and color so that it keeps its appearance and is easy to clean.
Being strong, reliable and made to high standards, "Chasseur" cookware will last a lifetime if looked after properly. To emphasize this quality, each item in the line comes with a 10-year warranty.
Heat Sources
The "Chasseur" cookware is suitable with all types of heat sources.

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