Natural Slate Tray - 1/4

The APS Paderno World Cuisine 20 7/8" by 6 3/8" natural slate hotel food pan tray is a standard size which fits into universal racks, heating elements and walk-in coolers. Slates, by definition, are eco-friendly as they are mined directly from natural quarries. Slate, has the ability to both retain cold and heat, making it ideal for serving food on buffets or tableside. They are ideal for foods such as cheeses, pates, cured meats, desserts and vegetables, as they retain cold and will keep foods fresh and appetizing. Simply place the slate/s in the refrigerator 30 minutes before serving or store them there overnight. For warm dishes, such as grilled fish, foie gras or grilled vegetables, the slates can be preheated in the oven and will retain their heat throughout the duration of the meal. In several regions in Europe, slates are used to grill fish and meat at high temperatures. Keep in mind that these slates are natural and therefore require hand washing under warm water using a sponge or a nylon kitchen brush. These slates may break if dropped. Each slate has felt pads on the underside to avoid slipping.
  • Model: 41585-24
  • Shipping Weight: 1.672lbs

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