Tako Sashimi Japanese Sushi Knife - 13

The Paderno World Cuisine 13" Tako Sashimi sushi knife is excellent for cutting raw fish, however it can be used for nearly all types of food. It has a much longer blade than other sushi knives. It has a traditional Japanese slip-resistant wooden handle. The meaning of the root word of this type of knife is willow in Japanese, as the blade represents a willow leaf blade. It is is constructed of a special type of stainless steel for maximum edge retention. The thin, sharp edge makes for cleaner cuts through the soft flesh of fish. In order to avoid bruising or tearing fish it is recommended to use a professional sushi knife. This sashimi knife has a rectangular ended blade. It is designed to cut right through the thick flesh of octopus, or "Tako" in Japanese. It is recommended to hand wash and thoroughly dry these knives after use.
  • Model: 18283-27
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs

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