8 Quart S/S Food Mill #5 with 1/8 Inch Sieve

The Paderno World Cuisine 8 quart stainless steel food mill is used to strain or purèe fruits and vegetables. By placing cooked fruits or vegetables in the mill and turning the crank, the semi-circular blade oversweeps, compresses and scrapes the food. The bar that straddles the container applies constant pressure against the cutting plate and crushes the food, while retaining seeds, skins and fibers. The basket sieve cutting plate allows for larger amounts of food to be milled at one time. This food mill's output is approximately 10 lbs. per minute and fits on any 10" to 24" receptacle. The food mills comes witha 1/8 inch sieve.

Diameter: 14"
Height: 10"
  • Model: 42574-37
  • Shipping Weight: 7.5lbs

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