7 7/8 Ceramic Coated Paella Pan

The Paderno World Cuisine 7 7/8" ceramic coated paella pan has forged handles and is very sturdy. The depth and flared sides of this pan make it easy to cook paella, as the shape encourages the quick evaporation of liquid. Ceramic is non-toxic and non-reactive, which eliminates the release of chemicals, toxins and gases into both the food and the atmosphere. These non-stick ceramic coated pans are PFOA-free. Ceramic is energy-efficient, as it retains heat well and in turn requires less. Its natural non-stick quality allows for healthier preparation since less fat is required during the cooking process. They can reach up to 800F, which is significantly more than traditional non-stick coated pans that can only heat up to 500F.
  • Model: 11619-20
  • Shipping Weight: 1.54lbs

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