x2 Ice Cream Molds, Tray and 50 Sticks - Rectangular Shaped

The Paderno World Cuisine set of two rectangular-shaped ice cream molds comes with a holding tray and 50 sticks.. Each mold has 6 individual imprints and both molds combined have 12. The molds are made of silicone, the tray is acrylic and the sticks are wooden. These are heavy duty and professional quality. They are easy to use and unmold, as silicone is a non-stick surface. The ice cream is poured in the mold and then the stick simply glides in the slots at the top of the mold. The acrylic tray makes placing them in the freezer easy since silicone is bendable and would be difficult to balance. Additional sticks may be purchased when necessary and are item 41466-50. They come in a pack of 500.
  • Model: 41466-02
  • Shipping Weight: 7.26lbs

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