Pack of 2 Icflon Electric Grill Bags

The Paderno World Cuisine pack of 2 Icflon electric grill bags is designed for use on a panini sandwich grill and can be used for traditional panini as well as hamburgers. You simply place the burger or sandwich in the bag and grill it as usual. Your grill will stay clean and you will eliminate any concern about food allergies when you grill different dishes in a row. They are reusable over 50 times and are dishwasher-safe. Prior to the first use they should be washed with hot water and dish deteregent. The bags should be dried after being hand-washed or in the dishwasher if any water remains. They are microwave-safe. Do not fold the bags, however they will wrinkle and this is normal. Icflon provides a non-stick surface making clean up a breeze. Never place the bag in contact with an open flame or with other heat sources, other than a microwave. Never cut the bags at all. Never use anything abrasive when cleaning the bags. The food and bag will be hot when removing from the grill so allow the bag to cool before removing it. The bags may discolor and this is normal and does not affect the performance of the bag. Each bag measures 7 7/8" by 7 7/8". They can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 F to 500F.
  • Model: 41682-20
  • Shipping Weight: 0.88lbs

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